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Research and development of high-strength, long life hydraulic products

Along with the rapid development of the national economy, as well as the rapid development of technology, the market for high-performance, long life of the hydraulic cylinder demand growing, increasingly high requirements. Such as: improving efficiency, improve product stability, energy saving, long life. So only in accordance with the actual needs of the Chinese market, innovative research and development, to address key issues constraining high strength, long service life of the hydraulic cylinder production, in order to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, encourage enterprises to create economic benefits, enhance the vitality of the production and development.

Our company based on full life cycle of green manufacturing philosophy, critical manufacturing processes to strengthen the integration of advanced nanomaterials technology, sensor fusion melt coating manufacturing technology, developed with independent intellectual property rights of high-performance, high strength, long life of the hydraulic cylinder the key technology to meet or exceed the international advanced level, research of this project is successful, will fill the gaps in high-strength cylinder innovative technologies to enhance the competitiveness of core technology and market developments force special hydraulic cylinders. Change the key equipment for hydraulic cylinders situation is now dependent on imports.

First, research

1, the new coating technology on the rod surface, replace the original chrome surface hardening and traditional crafts;

2, the new melt coating technique in the guide cylinder portion (the piston guide sleeve, cylinder head, etc.) applications, replacement of the original part integral cast copper alloy;

3, the new melt coating technique in the buffer element (buffer sets, cushion nut) on the application, to replace the original whole casting process;

4, the new melt coating technique used in key parts of the key parts of the hydraulic cylinder to achieve high strength, high life, and economic costs;

5, remanufacturing spray technology used in hydraulic cylinder repair old products

Second, innovation

A piston rod surface hardness of HRC62-70, higher than the original surface hardening and hard chromium plating hardness, corrosion resistance, an alternative to traditional hard chrome plating production lines.

2, the guide surface of the molten copper alloy coated, thin coating, combined with strong, overall copper than the original, low cost, high strength, wear-resistant.

3, buffer and buffer sets nut diameter, melt-coated copper alloys, low cost, simple technology, reliable performance.

4, the above technologies and processes can be used to repair old parts.

5, to enhance the cost-effective hydraulic cylinder.

6, high overall performance of the hydraulic cylinder, increased 3-5 times longer than the original.

7, the composite national energy saving technology development concept of circular economy.

The successful development of the project will greatly enhance the domestic first special hydraulic cylinder core technology competitiveness and market forces, and in the engineering machinery, mining machinery, special vehicles and special machinery until full play to large, has great market prospects . For high-strength cylinder localization has far-reaching significance. Fully embodies the energy-saving, environmental protection and the development of the concept of circular economy.






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