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Quality system


Jiaozuo, Henan Bureau of Hydraulic Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. since 2003 to establish the ISO9001 quality management system, has made ​​a number of patents and title. Such as: Henan Province, the National Award for quality products, design and production of the disc spring cylinder entry through mechanical design manuals suitability of ten years of development and revision, quality management system approach, to meet the organization's objectives, adequacy, effectiveness customers Division provides products in China are very satisfied.

Beijing Huaxin Technical Inspection Co., Ltd. is a well-known certification bodies, 2013 Jiaozuo City Bureau of Hydraulic Machinery Manufacturing Co. audit of quality management system, and ultimately approved, a certificate is issued. The second audit in March 2014 after forensic audit by.

Jiaozuo Hua Branch managers to fulfill the company's highest commitment to quality, and actively implement the quality management system. System covering products to meet the relevant national laws, and regulations. Organizations to develop quality policy, quality objectives fit and strong. Companies with a process approach to establish a management system and the implementation of process monitoring and measurement. 2013 invest 70 million yuan for the purchase of new equipment and the transformation of the old equipment. Such as: New set of spraying production line, purchase vertical grinders. Company's product realization process of implementing effective control, by identifying customer requirements for customer satisfaction measurement methods, to meet customer needs. The use of quality management to strengthen quality management, improve enterprise efficiency; enhance customer confidence, expand market share.




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