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Hydraulic Cylinder


Hydraulic pump is driven by a motor, fuel tank, directional valve, a throttle valve, relief valve, or other source means comprises a hydraulic control valve means including a hydraulic composition. Drive required flow, pressure and flow supply, suitable for driving on a variety of mechanical devices and hydraulic separation hydraulic station and drive (cylinder or motor) connected by tubing, hydraulic system can achieve a variety of provisions action.

First, hydraulic components and working principle:

Hydraulic pump station also known, is an independent hydraulic unit, which according to the driving device (host) requires oil and oil flow controlling party

Direction, pressure and flow, it applies to the host and hydraulic devices detachable Under the various hydraulic machinery. Just after the purchase of the hydraulic station and actuators (cylinders and motor oil) on the host is connected by tubing, hydraulic machinery required to achieve a variety of actions, work cycle. Hydraulic pump station is a device, manifold or valve combination, tanks, electrical box combination. Components function as follows:

Pump device - equipped with motors and pumps, it is the source of hydraulic power station, the mechanical energy into hydraulic fluid power energy.

Manifold - is a combination of hydraulic valves and passages from the body. It implemented direction of hydraulic oil pressure and flow regulation.

Valve combination - are installed in the vertical plate valve plate after plate and pipe connections, the same manifold functions.

Tank - is a semi-enclosed container steel welding, the oil network is also equipped with air filters, etc., which is used to oil, cooling and filtration of the oil.

Electrical boxes - two forms. A set of external lead terminal board; One is equipped with a full control of electrical appliances.

Hydraulic works as follows: motor driven rotary pumps, pump suction from the pump after Dayou, the mechanical energy into hydraulic oil pressure energy, hydraulic oil through the manifold (or combination valve) is to achieve a direction of hydraulic valves, pressure, flow after adjusting the pipeline pass through an external

Input to the hydraulic cylinder or motor oil machinery, thus controlling the direction of change was the motivation, strength and size of the pace, pushing

Various hydraulic mechanical work.

Second, the hydraulic structure:

In the form of hydraulic structures, mainly in the form of the structure of the pump device, installation location and cool way to distinguish between institutions by the pump device

In the form of installation location can be divided into three types:

1, SRE Vertical: Vertical pump device is mounted on the tank cover, a pump system is mainly used for quantitative thinking

2, SRE Horizontal: Horizontal pump device is mounted on the tank cover, mainly for variable pump system, in order to regulate the flow.

3, the side-mounted: Horizontal pump device installed in a separate tank on the basis of the side, can be equipped with side-mounted spare pump is mainly used for fuel tank capacity 250 liters, motor power 7.5 kW system.

By cooling station can be divided into two types:

A natural cooling: by tank cooling and air heat exchange itself, generally used for system fuel tank capacity of less than 250 liters.

2, the forced cooling: forced cooling cooler taken generally greater than 250 l tank capacity for a system.






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